Flexible Floor Plans


Dining Room - Check

Dining Room – Check (Photo credit: SewPixie)

Flexible Floor Plans

Some new buyers have been viewing homes in San Diego and their comments have caused me to relook at floor plans and how a little imagination can help reinvent your home.

Dining Rooms

Many homes have both an eat-in kitchen or breakfast nook and a formal dining room. Exactly how many spaces do you need to serve a meal? What about changing the nook into an office space? With a lot of the new modular furniture found at office stores you can pop in a corner desk with a hutch and a 2-drawer file cabinet into the same space as a small table for 4. You now have a space for homework, computer time and even a place to organize all that mess that keeps accumulating on the kitchen counter.

Family Rooms

Once family rooms were the hang out place for families. Now with formal living rooms the spaces have become redundant in many homes. How about using the space as your dining room? If you home is like mine, the family room is just off the kitchen which makes perfect sense for serving and cleaning up from a family meal. Then repurpose the dining room into an extension of the living room or, as my husband prefers, add a pool table.

Stair Landings

If you have a 2-story house you have an upstairs landing of some sort. For most of us this is wasted space. How about adding cabinets to create a linen storage area? What about adding a computer bar to clear out desk space in small bedrooms? What about adding a comfy chair and floor lamp to create a quiet reading space?

Under Staircases

Newer homes have smart ideas about creating additional storage under staircases but what if you have an older home. The space under your staircase is probably wasted. What about adding a closet or expanding the existing closet to allow for storage, got to put those Halloween decorations someplace? If you have an open staircase, how about a play area for small children with a toy box to give toys a home too? Bookcases are a great way to use the space and they can be any size or shape. One of my photographer clients plans to add shelving to store her camera equipment.

Sun Rooms/Porches

For many parts of the country, sun rooms are a nice place to hang out during warm weather and beat the insects but are mostly forgotten during other times of the year. In San Diego, we can use our sun rooms all-year. How about moving your home office into the space to take advantage of a sunny work environment? Add a space heater, please do so safely, and you can have an instant media room with mother nature providing the black-out curtains.

With a little imagination, you can transform just about any room in your home into a new space to make life a little easier.

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I am a San Diego native who loves everything about San Diego. I enjoy camping, hiking and reading. I am a licensed real estate agent in San Diego working with Coldwell Banker.
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