Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Cake 2009

Father’s Day Cake 2009 (Photo credit: Jim, the Photographer)

Father’s Day has always been a bit of an after thought in the holiday list. Mother’s Day gets a much bigger response, guess mom’s rate a little higher for most of us, plus you don’t want to piss off your mom. But dad’s seem to take a back seat in the celebration department. Let’s change that and come up with some great ideas.


Crazy ties were always the stand by in my family. Usually we waited too long to buy one and all that was left was a purple and blue polka dots tie that no one in their right mind would ever wear. Instead how about a fun barbecue apron, you get all the fun and something that is supposed to be crazy.

A letter to your dad describing a special time you remember spending with him. Mom’s are known to be softies for memories, but don’t under-estimate your dad as well. I can remember the first time my dad took me to play in the snow, I was freezing but it was a great day of just plain fun.

Pictures from your childhood. Again, dad’s don’t always remember how simple a fun day can be. Show him pictures of events that mean a lot to you and explain why.

Stuff to do

Somehow breakfast in bed isn’t quite the same for dad as it is for mom so how about a picnic or barbecue. Dad’s love nothing better than burning meat over an open flame, maybe that caveman thing, so give him a chance to shine. Tongs and a beer add to the fun. If you did the barbecue apron gift, it gives him a great reason to wear it.

A fishing trip to a local lake can also be a great bonding time. The family gets to spend time together and even if you don’t catch anything, the time to talk makes the day a success.

Nothing speaks louder than a baseball game. Even if your local team is an A ball team, sharing a hotdog and a beer or soda at a game is great. It gives everyone an excuse to eat junk food and you all get to root for the home team.

However you decide to celebrate dad’s day, I hope you build some new memories for your family. Happy Father’s Day!

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