Does My Agent Really Know What They Are Talking About?

Every morning I walk with a friend who is raising a teenage son. Oftentimes he is one of our topics of conversation. He just graduated from high school and will be starting college in the fall at one of our local community colleges. He loves to play football and is currently in training with the team. He also just started his first job. These two activities are creating a conflict for him since each are in opposite ends of the county and both take place everyday.

Before he started this schedule, like a good mom, my friend talked with him about time management. She made several suggestions and like a typical teenager he ignored them all. Now he is experiencing all the things she told him to consider and of course he is having issues with time management. Sound familiar?

Some of my clients are the same way. I love my clients dearly but sometimes I do feel like a mom whose advice is to be ignored. Case in point is my recommendation for a physical inspection and a home warranty for all homes, yes even condos.

I have two clients this year who are buying condos. One is a short sale and one is a traditional sale. The short sale buyer decided she didn’t really need a physical inspection or a home warranty. True she would have had to pay for the warranty herself, but all buyers pay for physical inspections. The traditional sale buyer just completed his physical inspection and will receive a home warranty from the seller.

The buyer who didn’t get an inspection has now moved into her condo and now finds that the microwave, fireplace and heating in one room doesn’t work. I can’t swear that a physical inspection would have found all three items, but we will never know since she passed on the $250 inspection. Because she also passed on the $375 home warranty she will now have to pay for replacement and repairs which will most certainly cost more than $375.

The buyer who did get the physical inspection will probably get some type of repairs or credit towards repairs from the seller. He can then decide in what order he wants to have things repaired, most serious first I hope, but he has a checklist of what needs work. Since he will have a home warranty he will also have a fallback for anything that has a problem for the next year.

So, yes, sometimes despite my best efforts I get ignored by buyers who know more than I do. But, it could be worse, I could be raising a teenage son.

About catherinetalksrealestate

I am a San Diego native who loves everything about San Diego. I enjoy camping, hiking and reading. I am a licensed real estate agent in San Diego working with Coldwell Banker.
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