So, you want to sell a San Diego home? (The last in a series of thoughts for home sellers)

At some point all the planets will align and you will get an offer on your home. Believe me in any market a home that is price properly will sell. As the seller you should review any and all offers with your family and agent. There are a number of items that will be included in the Purchase Offer Contract and you should understand them all. Then you can go about the task of deciding which ones work for you and which don’t work. Don’t get hung up on a single item of the offer, usually it is the price, but look at the entire contract first for items of agreement. Once you have figured out what you agree with then you can go back to the items you disagree with.

Consider the offer in its entirety, rather than a piece at a time. Look for ways to breach any differences you have with the buyer so that the total deal works for you rather than just one part. Say for example your kids won’t be out of school until June 15 and it is now only April 10. Your escrow will probably close before the kids get out of school so how about agreeing to a slightly lesser price with the buyers’ agreement to let you pay rent and stay a couple of extra weeks while the kids finish out the school year. Or say, your new job starts in 3 weeks and you would like to have the escrow closed before you leave so you can help the family pack up. You might agree to something the buyer is asking for in exchange for a quick escrow. No matter the differences between you and the offer try to find ways to allow both you and the buyer the opportunity to win one.

I know this sounds all touchy-feely but very few animals, humans included, like being backed into a corner with no way out so imagine how you would feel in that position and consider putting in those escapes. Besides you have more important things to do now, you have to find a new home!  

About catherinetalksrealestate

I am a San Diego native who loves everything about San Diego. I enjoy camping, hiking and reading. I am a licensed real estate agent in San Diego working with Coldwell Banker.
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